Our Story


We arrived in La Marina Urbanisation in 2009. I noticed that every time we went out to dinner at the local restaurants, there wasn’t anywhere afterward where we could go and experience a quiet, cozy, pleasant atmosphere with music to relax. You couldn’t get an Irish Coffee with freshly whipped cream, good Whiskey served at the ideal temperature, nor a good Gin and tonic prepared with spices, fresh fruits or freshly cut aromatic plants (depending on the type of gin of course). There was nowhere with this ambient atmosphere, cosy romantic lighting from candles, and pleasant decoration and for me, this was crucial. I wanted a place where I could sit down for a drink outside the home, and at the same time feel like being in it – so I decided to open Caféina to make this happen. Our house wine, now already labeled with our own credentials, was discovered on a getaway in 2012 to a magical rural boutique hotel in La Rioja, which had its own small winery. Loli the owner, treated us phenomenally, and sold us a box of that delicious wine, and that is why we contacted her years later, to make it the main wine of our Caféina project. Four years after starting Caféina, we rediscovered our next new project by chance and fell in love with it immediately – we call it Tetéina. The beautiful gardens are decorated with hearts, candles and water fountains with warm curtains and inviting, comfortable furniture where you can sit and enjoy the peace of the garden. The inside invites you to extend the evenings and gatherings surrounded by your family and friends while enjoying the exclusivity of our wonderful products. Tetéina offers 30 varieties of tea from all over the world and our “emotional waters” are made with freshly squeezed natural fruits. You can also enjoy a wide variety of recognised wines, accompanied by a good cheese or ham. For something stronger we have extensive ranges of vermouths, gins, whiskeys and cocktails all prepared with great care by our professional staff. I, María José, am responsible for these two great projects and think that, in the end, the things that you do from the heart and that you wish with all your soul, end up happening just as you want them too. I love it, perhaps you will too…

Maria x

Cafeina, Calle Luis de Gongora sector VI- VII local 43-44
03177 San Fulgencio (Alicante), Spain

Teteina, Calle Teresa Berganza, 4 local 27 03177 San Fulgencio (Alicante), Spain